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On Site Training

DIEKLIMAWELT Germany welcomes a member of the Wuerth company in Konstanz for further training of our employees in the latest fortification’s methods inside walls

Practical execution of fortification methods inside walls

On a regular basis DIEKLIMAWELT Germany sends his employees to Trainings- and Education classes, to widen their knowledge and to foster their up to date competence in Climate-, Ventilation and Building technology. Recently DIEKLIMAWELT Germany welcomed a member of the Wuerth company to introduce the latest fortification methods within walls to our interested team members. The image shows the practical execution of such methods.

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Tchibo in Konstanz

The well known coffee brand Tchibo renovates its outlet in Konstanz in the pedestrian zone and renews its climate control system.

Kreuzlingen Railway Station

The railway station in Kreuzlingen in Switzerland receives a brand new split air-conditioning system for their ticket sales area.

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