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Breyer in Singen

Project Type: Commercial
Project Location: Singen
Project Year: 2020

On the second of January in 2020 we reported the contract to install a state-of-the-art new climate- and ventilation system for Breyer GmbH in Singen. The new system can be controlled in sections for the individual comfort of all employees, who were involved in the planning of the new office complex. As of today, two out of three systems are running as expected and the employees are happy with the new climate at their working place. On the second-floor work is still in progress with completion to be soon and within the target time frame. In this project high standards are met with a guaranteed fresh air percentage at all time. While the focus was a healthy and comfortable office climate, in winter as in summer, the design requirements in this project had to be met too with the usage of special textile ducks to appeal to the high standards the company stands for.


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