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Radio Seefunk

Project Type: Commercial
Project Location: Konstanz
Project Year: 2020

Showing responsibility for its staff was the issue and matter of concern for the new local radio station Radio Seefunk in Konstanz. Everyone is somehow aware how important clean, and virus free air, especially in these days. With that in mind the station started looking for its employees for a responsible and long-term solution for this important issue and found it. DIEKLIMAWELT Germany was awarded to equip all offices with so called “Freshair” devices made by Oxytec, which help to avoid spreading any viruses by filtering the surrounding air. This undertaking has greatly improved the working climate, as the teams simply feel safer and more pleasant due to filtered and fresh air. Radio Seefunk acted responsible and proactive with its investment and contributed significantly to improve the quality of live for all its employees. More information about our Products and Solutions for virus free air you can find here.


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