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New Home For Sir Humphrey

Project Type: Commercial
Project Location: Bonau
Project Year: 2021

The riding simulator Sir Humphrey is moving to its new premises in Bonau (Häusern) and will be home at the riding facility of Jenny Neuhauser. A new room will be built, which will function as a wintergarden, that requires colling during summer while heating during the cold months of the year. The contract for the installation of a mono-split unit was awarded to DIEKLIMAWELT in Switzerland. The new system allows consistent heating up to minus 15° Celsius outside temperature. Equipped with a 3D I-see sensor, the unit recognises persons movement and ensures therefore best energy efficiency. The airflow is regulating automatically, allowing an equal and balanced air distribution for a perfect climate at any season of the year. Newest technology from DIEKLIMAWELT Switzerland for an unique project


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