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Karate-Fitness now virusfree

Project Type: Commercial
Project Location: Konstanz
Project Year: 2021

Clean and virus free air has become indispensable in our working environments and will be an important factor in our life, way past the current corona pandemic. Forward looking companies redesigning and upgrading their working places to be virus free, to meet this new requirement and standard. So did Karate-Fitness-Dojo in Konstanz and had looked for some expertise from DIEKLIMAWELT Germany for clean and virus free air. Following an extensive elaboration, the decision was made to acquire Freshair equipment from Oxytec, distributed by DIKLIMAWELT International, which were purchased directly from the manufacturer. Also in the field of clean and virus free DIEKLIMAWELT has established itself and is pleased to experience an substantially growing demand for such applications in recent month.


comfort climate for everyone and everywhere


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