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Quiet Climate Systems

Project Type: Commercial
Project Location: Konstanz
Project Year: 2021

The hearing aid specialist Geers, with more than 700 branches in Germany has three shops in the city of Konstanz. The shop in the Münzstrasse receives from DIEKLIMAWELT a brand-new climate- and ventilation system which must meet the high and special requirements of Geers. That means the installed equipment needs to be as noise free as possible, simply to match the subject of “hearing”. Geers has been a customer for the maintenance services of DIEKLIMAWELT for some time and is part of the Sonova Group. So is the swiss manufacturer Phonak based in Stäfa, who received from DIEKLIMAWELT Switzerland air conditioning systems for their hearing-acoustic-cabins. It shows once again that quality, service, and reliability find its positive way even through a huge group as the Sovona Group, which encourages and motivates us to continue offering and executing tailored solution for the individual needs of our customers.


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