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Paulaner Restaurant

Project Type: Commercial
Project Location: Stuttgart
Project Year: 2021

The Paulaner Restaurant in Stuttgart renews their kitchen und awarded DIEKLIMAWELT with the installation of an air supply and exhaust system. DIEKLIMAWELT is proud to be entrusted by the famous and worldwide established PAULANER brewery with this project and the combination of Bavarian and Swabian dining culture with climate technology from our company. First the existing air supply and exhaust need to be removed and disposed, followed by the installation of the new system without any interruption of the operation. To keep operating cost as low as possible the system will be equipped with heat recovery technology. The new air supply and exhaust system will operate with a volume electricity of 10000³/h each. The exhaust tower with an height of 10 meters will be installed in the patio of the restaurant. The central location of the restaurant in the city of Stuttgart requires detailed logistic planning and well-coordinated construction planning, which includes a heavy lift crane and the necessary documentation and approval from the authorities.


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