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Radio Seefunk

Local Radio station Radio Seefunk invests in fresh and virus free air for all its employees with devices purifying the surrounding air.

Clean Air during corona

DIEKLIMAWELT International offers now technologies for clean and virus free air, to ensure safer surroundings.

Tchibo in Konstanz

The well known coffee brand Tchibo renovates its outlet in Konstanz in the pedestrian zone and renews its climate control system.

Kreuzlingen Railway Station

The railway station in Kreuzlingen in Switzerland receives a brand new split air-conditioning system for their ticket sales area.

Breyer in Singen

Installation of the new climate- and ventilation system at Breyer GmbH Extrusionwelt in Singen is almost completed.

A Faithfull Customer

The Swiss Group Thurbo AG, a regional company of SBB, awards again DIEKLIMAWELT Switzerland to replace an air conditioning system.

Zebra Cinema Update

Project Update at the Zebra Cinema in Konstanz with the ventilation equipment arriving and installed on the second floor of the building.

Are Aircons Dangerous?

Air-conditioning systems are not part of the problem during the COVID-19 crisis but part of the solution.

Eye Clinic

The Augenzentrum Hegau-Bodensee at Lake Constance opens in Autumn of 2020 an eye clinic to perform special eye-surgeries.

Residential Aircon

A family near Konstanz in Germany equipped their home with split-unit air conditioning systems for a cooling climate in summer.

The New DocuBox

A new service from DIEKLIMAWELT to ensure Documents and Manuals are always accessible when needed for service or repair.

Zebra Needs Air

“Zebra Needs Air!” With this slogan the popular cinema in Konstanz started a project to fund a new air conditioning system.